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Happy Valentine's Day

It's Saturday, February 9th and the snow is falling gently here at the Little House.  It is lovely. 

Valentine's Day is approaching and the snow has returned, thankfully. 

You'll receive several announcements over the  next few days about Tea Tastings, Lana's Garden Club and Custom Tea Labels for Special Events and Weddings.  Of course, you can always check the "What's New" section on the website.

I am a snow lover.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact I was born and raised in my beloved hometown of Buffalo.  I am a "snowspotter" for the National Weather Service Buffalo Office.  There are over 200 of us "snowspotters" throughout central and western New York State. During the winter season we report actual surface reports to verify what is really happening -- it is called "ground truth".   

My National Weather Service Snowspotter duties have been slim this season.  My season to date snow total is a mere 66 inches -- way down from this time in 2007 (131 inches) and 2006 (106 inches).  We have a another month to catch up!  The good news is my pond is full! For those of you here in the Summer of 2007, you will remember an empty pond due to the draught.

Buddy and Barney, resident lovable Little House cats, are curled up in the cozy cottage (see photos below).  They are exhausted after chasing a big old squirrel out of the cottage today. 

Wishing you and your family health and happiness.


Barney (the girl - found her in the barn)

To ensure delivery by February 14th
please note the estimated

LAST ORDER DATE is Monday, February 11th

We ship via USPS Priority Mail.
You will be delighted with quick receipt of  your order. 

Did you know:

We have many teaware products to help you make a great, quick, easy and robust world class cup of tea?

Paper Tea Bag Filters, - 100 count
Mug Size or Small Teapots

Paper TEa Bag Filters, Made in Germany


Permanent Tea Filter

Tea Strainers & Infusers

Permanent Tea Filter

Tea Strainer

We have many new blends to try?
Cottage Garden Roses
White Tea with Cinnamon
White Tea with Orange
White Tea with Peach
White Tea with Pineapple
White Tea with Raspberry
Herbal Blends with Strawberry, Orange or Peach

Our Teapots are very popular.  We have a wide selection of unique and beautiful teapots.  You will find a new collection of 26 ounce Bee House Teapots in addition to the 15 ounce size, includes infuser.

Beehouse Teapot, 26 ounces

Another great tea customer review to share with you.  Here is good one from the Amazon Gourmet Food Marketplace:

Lana's Snowflake Tea
5.0 out of 5 starsA tea both my wife and I agree is heavenly.

The written description of this tea was good enough to get me to put it on my wish list this xmas. My wife prefers the sweeter fruitier teas, such as Republic of Tea's Kiwi Pear, and I generally go for traditional blacks, Prince of Wales, Oolongs, etc. But this tea is perfect for both of us! I always liked good vanilla teas, and some coconut teas always blew me away as well. Our pals at Steep Tea still make some of the best teas in around, so we were pretty game to try this Lana's tea - it always feels good to try out teas by the 'small guys'.

Anyway, there was this unbelievably great aroma to this tea that we couldn't pin down until one of our pals pointed out "This smells like Bailey's!" Bingo. Need I go on?

January 6, 2008
From Robert, Kansas City, MO tea lover

We have the following blends perfect for the Valentine's Day holiday:
Chocolate Strawberry
Chocolate Cherry
Valentines Blend, Chocolate & Rosebuds
Chocolate Mint
Florence, Chocolate Hazelnut

Lana's Logo Tin  - great for storing your tea

Lana's Logo Tin, 5-1/2 ounces


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