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2007 Workshop Schedule
This is the 2nd of 6 Workshops for the 2007 Season

Art in the Garden : Meditation, Writing & Poetry : Writing & Relaxation : Journaling & Meditation

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World Class Teas, Memorable Scones, Amish rugs Workshops

Poetry: the image
Sunday, June 17, 2007 - 20 Seats Available
reservations required by May 17th
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Workshop Overview:
Every moment we process many images. Over a lifetime, our image bank stretches into the millions of stored files. Some stay with us in vivid detail becoming imbued with personal symbolism. Others grow buried beneath other “mind stuff.” Through reading, meditation, and guided journaling let’s begin fleshing out some of the archetypes of our lives. Some workshop time can be devoted to discussion of participant’s poems created in the workshop. Bring a pen and your journal. As time and interest permits, bring up to three poems you have already written and would like some constructive feedback on (optional).  Exquisite desserts and world class tea included for your enjoyment during the workshop.

Fee:  $59 per person plus 8% tax

Reservations: Reservations accepted until May 17 2007.  Non refundable prepayment required by May 17, 2007. 
Space is limited to 20 guests.  Call 716-965-2798 or Email Lana for reservations and directions.

After the Workshop - Shop: At the close of the 3 hour workshop event, enjoy shopping in the “little” Gift Shop for exquisite teas, memorable scones and more. Also, Lana’s Cottage Tour is available by advance special request for an additional fee, if desired. 

About the Workshop Presenter:

CAROLYN KIEBER GRADY, M.A., RYT teaches in the English Department at SUNY Fredonia. A former WNY Writer-In-Residence, sponsored by JUST BUFFALO, Carolyn has led writing workshops in a wide variety of venues including art galleries, woodlands, and in the middle of Canadaway Creek. Her poetry, which has been widely published, has been featured in performances with local musicians, and has been visually represented in shows at Adams Art Gallery in Dunkirk NY.
Carolyn is also a nationally certified yoga instructor who has been teaching in Fredonia for several years. Her classes are known for warmth, humor, and her supportive attitude. She says yoga is what continues to ground her and nurtures the wellspring of her creativity.

Lana's The Little House  P.O. Box 267 Forestville, NY 14062  716-965-2798

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