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Contact Lana:

PO Box 267
Forestville, NY 14062

hours:  daily year round during sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, fall days, spring days, summer days and winter days!

phone: 716-965-2798

Contact Lana anytime that is convenient for you!

Upon confirmed reservation, you will receive a reservation confirmation including detailed directions.

All visits are private, personalized and by reservation only.  Prepayment is required and is non-refundable.


Planning your Experience and Reservation
at Lana's The Little House

The true joy here at Lana's The Little House is it's a "personalized" experience not commercialized.  It is a journey back in time long before the big box stores, malls and hectic daily lives.  Lana calls it shopping the way it use to be in the "old days". The location of Lana's The Little House adds to this journey -- a small country town with no fast food restaurants, no traffic lights and no malls.

The two popular experiences are the Tour and the Tea & Tour.  Lana also has an important reminder as you plan your experience:  Think of an occasion or use!  Any idea is welcome for discussion.  The charm of the beloved cottage is perfect for such special occasions as: birthday gifts, wedding and bridal showers, wedding ceremonies, holiday office work party event, business meeting location, out-of-town company.

Lodging is now available.  You will have a wonderful stay.  Check out the details about lodging at the cottage.

You'll also find a wonderful list of Workshops & Seminars throughout the year.  The subjects range from Garden Workshops, Cottage Concerts to Journaling and Relaxation Workshops and Tea Tastings. 

Gift Certificates are also a popular gift for friends and family or business associates.  The gift certificates are personalized and quite beautiful. 

The list goes on and on!!! 

Guest Idea List

Every experience that occurs here at Lana's The Little House is all due to "guest ideas".  That is how the "little" Gift Shop and Afternoon Tea got started.  The Guest Idea List is currently 355 ideas long!  Based on popularity that is how a Guest Idea moves to the top of the list for planning and implementation. To share you Guest Idea, please contact Lana,

Media Contact

For all press inquiries and requests for interviews, please contact Lana, For general press information, please visit Lana's Press Center.


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