Artisans and Craftsmen

Lana's The Little House requires special talented people for repairs and maintenance.  These pages are dedicated to the wonderful local artisans and craftsmen who love The Little House and perform this important work. 

Dustin Arnold
Roof Staining
Steve Arnold & Kenny Kaminsky
Ice Removal
Mike McGuinn
Barn Door Hinges
Dustin Arnold
Stone Walkway
Kenny Kaminsky & Dustin Arnold
Driveway Expansion


Kenny Kaminsky
Trees Fall on Cottage

Shawn Patterson
Woods Management


Kenny Kaminsky & Dustin Arnold
Driveway Expansion

June, 2003.  Kenny and Dustin worked hard to transform The Little House driveway.  It had space for 1 car.  Now it has space for lots of cars for all the wonderful guests that visit Lana's The Little House.