Artisans and Craftsmen

Lana's The Little House requires special talented people for repairs and maintenance.  These pages are dedicated to the wonderful local artisans and craftsmen who love The Little House and perform this important work. 

Dustin Arnold
Roof Staining
Steve Arnold & Kenny Kaminsky
Ice Removal
Mike McGuinn
Barn Door Hinges
Dustin Arnold
Stone Walkway
Kenny Kaminsky & Dustin Arnold
Driveway Expansion


Kenny Kaminsky
Trees Fall on Cottage

Shawn Patterson
Woods Management


Mike McGuinn
Barn Door Hinges

December 21, 2003.
Mike McGuinn (right) and his Father, Robert, completed the installation of the hand forged iron hinges for The Little House Barn.

Mike is a true artisan.  He owns Lamberton Works in Fredonia, NY.  Mike created four pairs of hinges for the front and side doors of the barn.

A year earlier, a wind storm twisted the original hinges.  The barn doors were falling off the twisted hinges.  For a year Lana searched for a person to restore the hinges or create new hinges that would mirror the architecture of The Little House.

In December, 2003, Lana learned about a man who still performs the art of blacksmithing and hand forges iron into pieces of art work.  This man was Mike McGuinn.

Mike's work is extraordinary.

Lamberton Ironworks
9481 Lamberton Rd.
Fredonia, NY 14063

On March 6, 2004, Mike arrived at The Little House with a beautiful piece of art work he created from the old damaged hinge.  I will include a photo of this treasure shortly.

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